Apollo Trilogy - Apollo, A Roman Galactic Police Officer

'Apollo, A Roman Galactic Police Officer' is the first thrilling novel within Chuck's Apollo Trilogy. This electrifying sci-fi story opens with Apollo chasing a mad roman scientist across the universe into our galaxy. Both spaceships sustain serious damage. Dr. Mors and his alien crew safely crash land on earth; however, Apollo’s ship is left in a decaying orbit. Previously, Apollo’s human-like roman body had suffered injuries, so only his essence was aboard his doomed police vessel. To save his life, the ship’s computerized robotic system locates and retrieves an injured, blond haired Chihuahua. The little dog is internally repaired and altered to house Apollo’s essence. Apollo is shuttled to the earth’s surface seconds before his galactic police vessel explodes. He must now seek out humans to help him defeat the crazed Dr. Julius Mors, who plans to use his nano enhanced brainpowers to dominate the earth. Apollo locates and assembles an unusual team consisting of humans and aliens to hopefully defeat Dr. Mors.

You will meet Apollo's elite evil fighting team: Sheriff Morgan Blaze, who hides his painful past to protect his beloved daughter, Carrie Blaze. The beautiful blond deputy, Pollyanna Stanford, Zeeper, a crab-like alien, and Janus Lockland, a Texas A&M professor. To stop Dr. Mors, Apollo's team will endure challenging escapades and face a variety of dangerous adversaries.

Apollo painfully struggles with being trapped within a dog, and his deep love for Pollyanna will never be more than a friendship.

Will Apollo's essence always remain trapped within the little dog?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Apollo Loves Polly - Video - Apollo Trilogy

My Lovely Pollyanna

To embrace the sweetness of her,
thrilling her passions like no other.
For she is my ultimate treasure,
thus my alien soul is what I offer.

To see beyond her lovely eyes,
a uniqueness to cherish forever.
To view her as my daily sunrise,
a partner of my life's adventure.

To love her more than words express,
exploding a love-storm within my core.
To experience her quintessence I caress,
a love within this human female I adore.

With Love, Apollo